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A well maintained and updated house will attract more buyers and will sell faster than one that needs work.Perhaps you are not planning on selling any time in the near or distant future.Seek the help of a professional contractor before removing vinyl tile flooring as some of these tiles were manufactured with harmful asbestos as recently as 1986.A professional can safely install new flooring and properly dispose of the old one if those old, ugly tiles contain asbestos, advises the California Department of Health Services. It was kind of a hodgepodge of styles, windows, and doors with no clear entry.So the homeowners hired residential designer Leigha Heydt to give it some curb appeal with a front porch and shingled-cottage style.Among the things that have kept me busy this summer, a kitchen renovation right here in Birmingham has been a fun project that I’ve enjoyed working on.

If your home screams "Miami Vice" or "Dynasty," it could be stuck back in the "totally radical" decorating style of this era.

Whether this is your first or second home, you are likely to, at some point, move on.

By staying current with the styles you will have less work to do to your home should you decide that you do want to put it on the market.

The dining room really need to lose the wallpaper and light fixture too. Also, note the fluorescent light fixture box that so many of us have dealt with.

My main concern in the foyer and dining room was just to lighten it up with a pretty neutral paint. This area had dark stained woodwork, linoleum floors, and again the wallpaper border that just screamed “help me”. With the dark moldings, it really closed the room in. The first thing I told him was that the cabinets really needed to be painted. He commissioned me to go out and pick out paint, tile for the floor, cabinet paint, granite for the countertops, and hardware for the cabinets, as well as updated fixtures for the kitchen and dining room. My goal was to keep it neutral and pretty, so that someone could see themselves living here.

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