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He also foretold of a day when they would be brought together again - though not as they were - and that at that time someone would emerge to show them what true power is.Over the centuries, Kurama has gained a reputation as an age-old natural disaster, appearing suddenly out of nowhere to attack areas that have been breeding grounds for the darkest aspects of human nature.With his mother and B's help, Naruto managed to best Kurama in combat, and separate and take most of its chakra.During the start of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kurama tried instil doubt into Naruto by telling him that shouldering the hatred of an entire war was futile and reminding him of his failure to save Sasuke from revenge but Naruto refuted with brimming confidence that regardless of the odds, he would still do something about them, before the young shinobi promised to someday resolve the fox's own hatred as well. I really love to study and I love all the subjects in my school." Contestant no.1 said. "Well she seemed to be nice and she’s A-OK to me" Kurama said smiling. "Well I like a girl who is quiet and has a nice personality" Kurama said in an as a matter of fact voice. "Well Kurama what are the qualitites you are looking for your dream girl" Kristi asked Kurama.

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However, the two brothers managed to survive and gain some of its power by eating the flesh of its stomach for two weeks, forcing Kurama to regurgitate them. Hearts are fragile; they break at the slightest malevolent touch.You shouldn't play with love so foolishly," Kurama warned him. If you wanna find out just read this fic made by my friend Purple. Welcome to another 1 hour of Super Love filled adventure here in the no.1 dating show called 'Take me out! "Well then, we got 3 girls who is itching to go out with you. Their names that will be appering to your screens are just their "codenames", so you don’t know their real name.

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