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The British woman, who according to local press is 24 but has not yet been named, was detained at an airport in Sabah on Tuesday while trying to board a flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Two Canadian siblings and a Dutch male surrendered themselves at a police station in Sabah later on Tuesday, police said.

The arrival of British colonists brought further inroads into the lives of the Orang Asli.

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They could also be tried in a native court, a decision on which has yet to be taken by tribal authorities, officials said.KUALA LUMPUR: A video clip, showing a woman walking stark naked in a Petaling Jaya neighbourhood in broad daylight, has gone viral on social media.The 45-second clip, which appears to have been recorded from a mobile phone, showed the barefooted woman walking naked along the street as cars and people passed by.People carried signs with calls for gender equality and anti-Trump statements, though the rally’s organizers have insisted the demonstration is more pro-women than anti-Trump.Many sported pink knitted beanies called “pussy hats,” a symbol of solidarity among the protestors.

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