Tom dating desperate housewives

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Lynette and Tom are at a marriage counselor meeting.The two of them are sitting as far apart as possible from each other on the sofa.When he finally decides, he opens Scavo's Pizzeria, much to Lynette's dismay.After the five year jump, it becomes apparent that Tom is now experiencing a mid-life crisis, as he purchased and restored an early model convertible.

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This word is the title of this particular episode of Desperate Housewives.

Mc Clusky's husband found in her basement freezer on Wisteria Lane, and only Parker seems to know the truth about ...

Gossip is defined as a careless conversation that deals with people and could be somewhat considered a fiction as it is usually based on unreliable sources.

Early storylines often revolve around Tom's working habits and that he is away from the family.

However a turning point occurred in season three and now Tom's storylines often revolve about him being insecure about his life, to the point where he opens a pizzeria, has a mid-life crisis and starts to suffer depression.

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