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Because if I’m not ready to receive that person, I won’t meet her, or I will meet the wrong person that’s attracted by all the crazy stuff that I’ve got going on. I had to figure out the patterns that I sort of developed in my relationships. The problem is that often sometimes, women project all these things on these men, and it’s not their fault. Because a lot of women, they fall in love with the potential rather than the person. He’s like, you fall for the potential and not the reality. And I had to come to terms with the responsibility I had in the relationships that failed and I have to sort of arrive at a point where I was confident and comfortable with who I was and where I was going. “We have gone through so many different emotional levels with Sophie,” says Boris, 35. All kinds of different monsters attacked us.” ,” recalls Nicole.“It was so romantic.” Immediately after returning home, Nicole learned she was pregnant. There was one test that came back [saying] a chromosome count was off, but when we went into genetic counseling, it was basically, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ And that’s what we decided to do.” Nicole — who was “religious” about taking prenatal vitamins — delivered Sophie on March 5th, 2005.

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Four out of five black women have a body mass index above 25per cent, the threshold for being overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.“We celebrate the poo-poo here,” says Sophie’s mom, actress Nicole Ari Parker.“It’s good news in this house.” There was a time when Nicole and her husband, actor Boris Kodjoe, feared there would be only bad news in their young daughter’s life.Nicole Ari Parker was born on October 7, 1970 and her age is 45 years by now.Parker was born in Baltimore, Maryland, United States as the daughter of Susan Parker and Donald Parker.

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